Dronal Isolated Drones IIISUP005: Live Studio Performance


Release Date: 20th April 2020
Format: Digital

Written, performed and produced by Dronal
Mastered at Supple 9 Studios


The third in the "Isolated Drones" series - a collection of slow building ambient drone performances by Dronal. Each performance is recorded in a single take while isolating during the lockdown.

Gear Used:

  • Elektron: Octatrack, Analog 4, Digitone, Analog Rytm
  • Soma: Pulsar-23, Lyra 8
  • KOMA Elektronik Anglerfish
  • Rhode NT2-A
  • JRF C-Series Contact Mic
  • Softube Console 1
  • RME Fireface UFX II

Dronal experiments a bit more with extra sound sources using things found around the house. The contact microphone is sitting under the large glass bowl picking up resonances from both the bowl but also from the wine glasses (through the glass tabletop). The large microphone is turned up to be very sensitive and picks up lots of small sounds. Both microphones are routed through various effects (delay, reverb, filters, and more) to elongate the presence of what are essentially short sounds. This way he can make a small scraping sound but have it fill out the audio spectrum for many seconds whilst adjusting other sounds from the synthesizers.

The Octatrack is only processing the main microphone, with all other synthesizers being recorded directly through the Fireface. This provides more mixdown flexibility. The contact mic is being recorded and effected directly in his computer. The Softube Console 1 is just being used as a simple level controller for the contact mic levels.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, Alex has also released multiple LPs as Ebauche with albums like Mutable being selected as Best of 2018 by both Headphone Commute (UK) and A Closer Listen (US).