Mixing Realising your artistic vision


For a limited time I am offering a 33% discount on my standard rates.

€299 €197 per song

  • Up to 24 tracks/stems
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • 5 to 30 day delivery

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€399 €260 per song

  • Up to 72 tracks/stems
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • 5 to 30 day delivery

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€499 €329 per song

  • Unlimited tracks/stems
  • Up to 5 revisions
  • 5 to 30 day delivery

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All mixes include the main mix export plus additional stemmed versions as needed. For example, vocal/instrumental stems or percussion/bass/other instrments/vocals stems. Additional mix revisions beyond your allowed limit cost €30 per revision.

How it works


To begin with, I will work with you to discuss the important artistic aspects of what you want to achieve, talk about your stylistic goals, as well as planning reference tracks which help to provide a target to reach for and beyond.

Upload stems

Next you need to provide your stems. Don't worry, I'll provide you with all the details on what's required as well as a simple process for uploading all the necessary files.

The Mix

Now for the good stuff! I will mix your track as if it were my own. I've been refining my mix process for well over a decade, from the initial audio editing ensuring that the source stems are in great shape and there are no timing issues, to finding the perfect balance - making sure that all tracks have space to breathe - before getting into careful EQing, compression and effects.

During the entire mix phase I will be frequently referencing against commercial grade mixes as well as cross-referencing on an array of monitoring systems to ensure that your mix sounds the best possible, no matter what medium it's eventually played back in, whether that be radio, headphones, a car stereo, a small mono bluetooth speaker, or a high quality hi-fi system.

Review and Revise

After I have completed the initial mix, I'll send you a draft version for you to review and we can discuss whether there are any changes you feel are necessary. Whilst there is a limit to the number of revisions that are included in each track, I have found that most clients only need one or two revisions before they are happy with the mixdown.


Once you're happy with the mix I will proceed to prepare various versions of the mix for you. I leave headroom for the mastering engineer, provide a sample stereo mix with some simple loudness processing so you can reasonably compare your mix against commercial references, and will also provide various stemmed versions if required (for example instrumental/vocal stems). I take great care in naming everything sensibly so it's easy for you to come back to your mixes in the future and know exactly what's what!