Film Sound Sound that perfectly complements the visual experience

My background

I have been working with film audio in various roles and across a wide variety of styles for more than a decade. From smaller projects where I've been responsible for every aspect of the sound - sound design, foley, ADR, editing, mixing, and composing; to managing full team projects.

Projects have included documentaries, short films, animations, feature films, and promotional videos. Tackling the more subtle side of sound design, to creative editing which provides a unique partnership with the visual experience. Feel free to peruse my previous work portfolio below.


I offer a range of sound design, editing, and mixing services for film, including:


  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Animated Films
  • Video Games
  • Documentaries


  • Restoration
  • Dialogue Clean Up
  • Track Laying
  • Sound Sync
  • ADR


  • Foley
  • Sound Effects
  • Atmosphere
  • Field Recording
  • Game Audio


As every film project will vary hugely in its requirements, I don't have a fixed price list. However, for quick jobs, sound clean ups, short film mixes etc, I can be hired at a day rate of €250 per day.

If you have a larger project which requires multiple services, or require a sound editor or mixer for a feature film, please use the button below to contact me.

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Previous work

  • Making a difference: Documentary - Sound Mixer
  • 24 hours on and off stage: Documentary - Sound Mixer
  • The face of the United Nations in Cambodia: Promotional Video - Sound Mixer; Composer
  • Five Day Shelter: Feature Film - Sound Editor & Designer; Composer
  • Jonny Boy: Short Film - Sound Mixer
  • As the light leaks in: Short Film - Sound Editor & Mixer; Composer
  • Two point five billion: Short Film - Sound Editor; Composer
  • The Beekeeper's Son: Short Film - Sound Editor & Mixer
  • The Hotel Trade: Short Film - Additional Sound Editor
  • In this way: Short Film - Sound Editor
  • The Masterpiece: Animated Short - Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; Composer
  • The Boy with the Ever Open Jaw: Animated Short - Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; Composer